About Ibbel Dibbel

Why Ibbel Dibbel

“My name is Ibble Dibble number one and I have no dibble ibbles.”

That’s how we started a drinking game on a memorable evening in 1995 in the rainforest of Cape York, Australia. I played the game with my sister, my partner and two new friends we met during our travels.

With the help of a scorched wine cork, lots of fun, slip ups and even more booze, the evening ended for all of us with lots of dibble ibbles. And with our faces were covered in black dots.

And thanks to The Crown a lot more people know how to play Ibble Dibble!

Very wisely we didn’t play the game any more, but the name Ibbel Dibble stuck and became Ibbel Dibbel. We called our new cat Ibbel Dibbel in 1998 and it was the name I chose for my social media accounts and my business.

It’s all connected with my love for Aboriginal art and especially Aboriginal dot painting. Dibble ibbles are also pretty dots! And looking at it like that, I can say I made my very first dot painting in Australia. On the faces of my fellow travelers.

These days I limit myself to canvas, wood and paper.


I work very intuitively. I start with choosing the size of a canvas or canvas board. The background I make for a new painting is usually influenced by the painting I have worked on before. Like using the same colors or doing something completely different, as a reaction to the previous work.

So although I usually do have an image in mind, this does not mean that it will look exactly like I’ve envisaged. Most of the time I will replace my chosen colours or add some extra colours. And while I am working on the top layer, the layer with the tiny dots, I continue to determine and change my own rules. Think of the shapes, the number of dots per colour, the movement in the design. Until I am satisfied with the emerging image.

In addition to original paintings in various sizes, I also make hand-painted cards, small canvases that can stand on a mini easel and magnetic mini canvases.

Please contact me if you have a question or suggestion, I would love to hear from you.

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