Dot paintings

Dot paintings have always held a special place in my heart. Ever since my first visit to Australia, in 1995, I’ve been inspired by Aboriginal art. The colours, the patterns, the stories that are told are still an inspiration for me.

During that first visit I bought some Aboriginal dot paintings and I also came into contact with the drinking game Ibble Dibble that lead to my social media name Ibbel Dibbel.

In 2001 I started painting myself. I experimented with the use of paint, brushes, whimsical shapes, colours, straight lines or just strange patterns. I especially loved to leave hidden messages or symbols in the first layer of my paintings.

And although my earlier paintings were all very different, they had one thing in common: the application of a layer of tiny dots.

Two children and a growing business with my partner used up all of my time and energy in the years that followed and around 2008 I stopped painting.

In 2015 I lost my father quite suddenly and that put things in perspective. I realised you need to live in the moment and I started to paint again. Why wait until later? And with every new work I made, I developed my own style of lots of tiny dots a little bit more.

When I’m painting, I can let go of all things around me and dive right into my own work. I am always inspired by nature, by the art I see, the books I read and the colours of the seasons. Creating a dot painting is almost like meditating.

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